Limehouse to Royal Victoria Dock

9 January 2008

Fulbourne in Limehouse Basin

Accompanied by some larger, whiter, and much more expensive craft

We set off in convoy along Limehouse Cut

Two rather unloved BW tugs at Bow

Helen turning above Bow Locks

More of the convoy arriving

'Major' turns in a mist of diesel smoke

Waiting for the incoming tide

Two of the boats lock through...

... and continue into the sun

Fulbourne and Ernest make for the lock, with Major behind

Entering the lock

Tim on the footbridge

The gates are open and we head for Bow Creek

The entrance to the gas works dock

Approaching the bridges at Canning Town

The fendering on this disused railway bridge has been renewed since our last trip, but the rest of it looks rather unloved

Major behind us

The first of the two hairpins on Bow Creek...

... and approaching the second

As we approached the muster point at Bow Creek Mouth, one of the boats made an unexpected turn to the bank...

... to pick up a passenger!!

We are heading for the London Boat Show, not the Ideaal Home Exhibition!

Container City at Trinity Bouy Wharf

A former lightship...

... and lighthouse

Looking up towards Canary Wharf - "Wall Street on Water"

The convoy heads downriver


We were joined by the dredger "Swallow" for a while

Approaching the Woolwich Barrier

The convoy passes through the barrier

Approaching the Woolwich Ferry

Fulbourne's birthplace. These appartments are on the site of the Harland and Wolff North Woolwich Shipyard where Fulbourne was built in 1937

The convoy turns towards the King George V entrance lock to the Royal Docks

Entering the lock

Paul shows his relief that we have left tidal waters!

Leaving the lock. The catamaran ahead will have to wait for the bridge to be lifted

Turning into the passge leading to the Royal Albert Dock

And passing beneath the London City Airport flightpath

Rowing crews were out in force in the dock

Off the tideway, but still in wide and deep waters for Fulbourne, Tim feels confident enough to walk the top plank

Approaching the Connaught Swing Bridges leading to the Royal Victoria Dock

Excel, where the Boat Show is held, together with HMS Exeter and the Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Approaching our destination

Finally tied up at the western end of Royal Victoria Dock

And time for a celebratory drink for the participants

Royal Victoria Dock to Paddington Basin

21 January 2008

The flotilla at the west end of the Royal Victoria Dock

Preparing to depart

And they're off!

Looking back as we proceed down the Victoria Dock, the Dome is not far behind us

Replica Dutch barge Alicia, exhibited at the Boat Show, joins us for the trip

There were several narrowboat Boat Show exhibits in the dock...

... as well as some larger craft

Most of the exhibits took the quicker route home

The tail end of hte convoy in the Royal Albert Dock

Graham heads for the bows as we enter the King George V Lock...

... where HMS Exeter and two tugs await us

The rest of the boats follow us in

HME Exeter draws somewhat more than we do...

... and dwarfs the other boats

Another Boat Show exhibit, the rather misnamed wide boat "Skinie Mama" is anything but skinny

Plenty of room for more boats down the middle

Graham at the bow...

... while something behind has caught the attention of the rest of the crew

Moving out onto the River

Approaching the Woolwich Ferry

Unlaoding at the Tate & Lyle refinery

Approaching the Thames barrier

Galatea with some spray under the bows

Alicia and the Dome

Entering the calmer waters of Bow Creek

Around the first bend in Bow Creek, and we are heading for the Dome again!

The site of the Pura Foods maragraine factory, now being redeveloped. Compare this with the 2006 view

Passing under the DLR viaduct

A succession of bridges

And another

Entering Bow Locks

The tide is higher than the retained level in the non-tidal section, so having locked down through Bow Locks on our outward trip, we now lock down again back to the level where we started

Liz and Helen looking pensive as we lock through, with Major waiting behind

Approaching Three Mills

Old Ford Locks, complete with duck ramp

Graham and Elaine

Onto the Hertford Union, we thought the lock was empty until the gates opened

Ernest and Fulbourne running side by side between the locks

Cast iron balance beam

Onto the Regents Canal, Kingsland Basin through the bridge on the right

This artistic joke works better when passing boats are not stirring up the water surface

Approaching a lock

An anti-vandal measure? The bar is welded to the nuts

City Road Basin

Approaching City Road Lock

Approaching Islington Tunnel...

... and emerging at the other end

Battlebridge Basin

St Pancras Basin - home to some of the boats which accompanied us on this trip.

From St Pancras we continued in the dark and in the rain to Paddington Basin, and a welcome pint in the Warwick Castle

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