Bethany had not steered a boat for a long time, but took to Fulbourne straight away. Martin stands by and Rosie relaxes on the cabin top.

Traditional Worcester and Birmingham Canal paddle gear is now being fitted to new gates.

Bridge 24 announces its identity.

George runs ahead to the next lock.

Lincombe Lock on the Severn. From left, Jacqui, Martin, Henry, Rosie, bethany and Clare.

Rosie and Clare, Bethany and Hhenry behind.

Sharing the lock with a Viking Afloat hireboat.

Seen in the lockkeepers mirror.

We had intended to carry on up the Severn to the limit of navigation below Bewdley, but we happened to have picked the day of Stourport Regatta. The race finish was just above the canal entrance. After a half-hearted attempt to continue upriver we abandoned the attempt.

Plenty of water coming down the canal.

Working through the upper pair of locks at Stourport.

Falling Sands Lock. Bethany steering, Jacqui and Clare on the cabin top.

Newly fitted anti-vandal locks on the ground paddles...

... and gate paddles.

Bethany steering (again), with Clare, Jacqui, Rosie and Martin.

I can't remember which bridge this is!

Clare tackling the chimney brass.

Traffic queues at Stourton. More brass cleaning in the foreground.

Bethany and Clare on the chimney...

... while Jacqui polishes the mushroom vent.

This says it all!

And Pippa polishes the headlight.

Bratch. Why is the end brick on the coping missing?

Because somebody got the wall dimensions wrong!

The classic view at Bratch

Fulbourne, a Big Woolwich motor, passes Cepheus, a Small Woolwich motor.

Crossing Stretton Aqueduct.


Rosie, with canalside garden beyond.


... and Kildare pass us at High Offley.

Woodseaves Cutting...

... with evidence of recent bank slips.

It is rather narrow for passing.

Sister craft, Darley in post-nationalisation yellow and blue livery.

Locking down through the staircase at Bunbury with a Dartline hire boat.

We took a walk up to Beeston Castle from bridge 109. From the top we looked down on the moored boats on the canal, but Fulbourne was behind the hedge.

George, Pippa, Clare and Rosie at Beeston Castle.

Looking down at Wharton lock.

The children imprisoned.




We weren't quite sure what an Arriva London Routemaster bus was doing in a field alongside the Middlewich Branch.

Clare steering.

A sunken boat, reported to be the stern half of FMC Brill, decays slowly in the flash.

142 Fulbourne passes 141 Fenny...

... carrying coal as we approach Anderton.

Moored up at the National Waterways Festival at Preston Brook. Empress passes loaded with coal.

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